Heidi Helen Pilypas

I design apps. Lover of all things Apple. Designer and Co-creator of @CapsicumApp, @WhenDidIApp, @BoomerangCheck, @StampPack & more. Also an endearing Aussie.

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Bought for the cute pink packaging, stayed for the results. I love that MONDAY uses recycled packaging, they’re cruelty-free, SLS-free, paraben-free, and full of extracts great for your hair. I used to wash my hair every second day but can go five days in-between with MONDAY.
My MacBook Pro supports me with my app development and design.
I love feeling my music and hearing it like never before! I got white to go with my decor.
PASCAL TIEMANNtyler ⍨Elen Udovichenko
I am participating in the Indie Sticker Pack initiative with 90+ app developers and over 100 stickers. 100% of proceeds are shared between WHO and the Equal Justice Initiative. I’ve ordered 2 sets!
Calum Webb
Interacting with the interface is delightful with big bold type and friendly rounded buttons. The features are well-thought-out. Decided to take a plunge and pay for my first year. Really happy with the service so far! Happy to get my first name email address for life too! 😉
Justin E. HarrisPolRahul
I am currently learning to code with SwiftUI, a framework by Apple that makes building user interfaces simpler and faster than ever before. As a designer with no previous code experience, it is a great entry point for jumping into development.
Coleman FoleyCalum Webb
100 Days of SwiftUI is a great course for learning to code with SwiftUI provided for free by Paul Hudson. It has short videos, quizzes, and projects to really complement your learning. Sharing my progress each day really motivates me to keep going.
Karsten Chearistyler ⍨Jonas Schmahl
I love how generous Paul Hudson is with his learning material. I am currently participating in the 100 Days of SwiftUI challenge, a great community exercise to learn SwiftUI with short videos, quizzes, and projects. The site is also full of many helpful articles and resources.
Coleman Foley
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