Jun Gong

Jun Gong


Noodle aficionado 🍜 A tech nerd growing a blockchain company called Dapp.com ⚗️

#animals, #vacation, #remote, #community, #feminism, #customer, #investing +3
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Jun Gong stacked Freehold
Freehold is a community that incentivizes crypto holders to actively participate in education and building activities: Each community builder is just like a startup founder, you build, contribute, and bring value, then you will get the reward in a form of cryptocurrency.
I love reading people sharing their stories as a builder, coder, designer, and etc. And those are really inspiring!
Think more and more people will be into tokenized goods and OpenSea will be THE PLACE that people trade their digital art, baseball cards and etc.
Jun Gong stacked Gitcoin
It’s just like Kickstarter but for decentralized community / project!
Jun Gong stacked Brave
Compared to Google Chrome, Brave works ⚡️on iOS. And not to mention, it respects your privacy - so it’s been my default browser for a very long time! Brave supports IPFS too.
Jun Gong stacked Lolli
Earn bitcoin while shopping 💰🛍️
My go-to platform to swap my ERC20-based tokens.
Jun Gong stacked Dtube
YouTube alternative and it respects your privacy.
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