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Jun Gong


Noodle aficionado 🍜 A tech nerd growing a blockchain company called Dapp.com ⚗️

#nocode, #privacy, #blockchain, #investing, #customer, #feminism, #community +3
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My go-to platform to swap my ERC20-based tokens.
Jun Gong stacked Dtube
YouTube alternative and it respects your privacy.
I got my blockchain domain from Unstoppable Domains to store my cryptos. The best part? It also helps me to build a decentralized website associated with my .cypto domain ⛓
Jun Gong stacked Roll
Social money is a thing now -- you can tokenize your work and even yourself, and reward the money to your friends, family, and the community.
Jun Gong stacked Status
A private and secure messaging dapp where you can chat with friends, store cryptocurrencies, and explore the latest dapps all in one place!
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Jun Gong stacked Reclaim
Reclaim is a decentralized tool for data ownership, allowing you to regain control of your data. It gives you the choices to download, opt-out, or remove your data (emails, phone numbers and etc) from across the websites like mainstream social media sites, Google and much more.
The era of no-code has arrived. And with the help of blockchain, a decentralized no-code product will be unstoppable.
The first dapp I've ever used. And I'm proud to be Gen 0 Kitty owner.
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