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Krisztian Gyuris stacked Bubble
Bubble allows me to iterate faster with my ideas! It has a relatively steep learning curve, but you can do pretty much everything you can do with code after...
Krisztian Gyuris stacked Divjoy
It shortens your initial project creation phase by days or weeks for your React sites. It adds auth, analytics, and email sending to your project and it has a super nice marketing page generator/editor. I love it!
Krisztian Gyuris stacked DeepL
Translation quality looks better than google's
Krisztian Gyuris stacked OneTab
It allows me to store unused browser tab on one page. It works like magic :)
Love the sports tracking capability and the customizable watch faces. I was not convinced about the usefulness of this device at first but I really like it now.
Krisztian Gyuris stacked iPhone 12
It is a great device, but Touch Id is a lot better and convenient than Face Id. Give me back my Touch Id
I am living in it. Great shortcuts and I am familiar with it
It totally changed my understanding of habits and how to change them.
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