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Yejun Su stacked Mailbrew
Make a cup of coffee and open Mailbrew, enjoy it every day.
Yejun Su stacked Workona
Workona helps me to focus on my current work.
Yejun Su stacked Obsidian
I use Obsidian to build my own wiki, files are synced with Dropbox. The plugin system works great.
I use Day One to save all my real and digital life. The Activity Feed helps me to recall and write journals later.
Yejun Su stacked Zoom
Zoom is easy to use, my company uses it to set up meetings efficiently.
Yejun Su stacked Slack
My company is using Slack for communication, its App Directory has so many apps to integrate, very powerful and easy to use.
Tunnelblick exceeds OpenVPN app by connecting multiple VPNs at the same time.
I use Surge both on desktop and mobile, cannot live without it.
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