Giorgio Parlato

Giorgio Parlato


Forever Student I quit my job to do what I love the most, learning and writing I write about meditation, mindful productivity and living a fulfilling life

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This was a mindblowing read. De Mello crushes many of our generally accepted (but false) beliefs that contribute to our “mechanical existence”, which resembles more sleep than wakefulness. His harsh style does a great job at delivering the points in a direct and impactful way.
A great way to track my habits and finances over time, keep all the stats and data available for me to analyze them
Great place to think, write and connect my thoughts.
Marco Sieben
It seems to be the most accurate tracker for sleep. It also allows me to track my BPM during meditation sessions
Simple UI, Easy to use, Easily download episodes and save them for later
Allows me to easily save for later all the good articles that I come across while browsing
Great Sound and comfortable
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