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Better UX than most video conferencing tools. (it opens in your browser)
Ryan Holiday is a very balanced writer. He gives you the facts, some memorable examples and adds his own 2 cents. Some writes write too much BS, and others are like a wikipedia entry, Ryan hits a good balance. It's a small book, with some big life lessons, if you apply them!
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Ben Horowitz is a fucking legend in the Valley, and this books takes you through his experiences and lessons learnt. It's full of great lessons, written in a fun and memorable way. So many of the accounts in the books I won't forget anytime soon.
Well designed, and not too much extra stuff.
I love the social aspect of strava, you can challenge yourself, join clubs and it also has a great UI for tracking your runs.
Long exposure photography on your iPhone, and it really works well.
The best camera app on your phone. Gives you more control over your images, and you can shoot in manual!
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My favorite tool for editing photos on my phone, by far the best.
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