Juan Gabriel Perez

Juan Gabriel Perez


Love traveling, food, + learning languages, currently trying to improve my 日本語. Always down for coffee/tea to chat about tech, culture and music :)

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I used to use iClip, I often need to save multiple items I copy. This is a lifesaver and the UI is super clean.
From tunes to aesthetic Poolside gives overall good vibes. Great way to start (or end) your day. The music is just 👌🏻
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Let's me save all the articles and stories I want to read for EOD vs having them all open in different tabs. Keeping me organized and saving RAM 👌
Focusing on the present and what you have is super powerful and helped me regain my focus.
I like to call it a mix between Bandcamp and Spotify. Lots of cool mixes and indie artists on here and the sound quality is 👌
A great mix of nostalgia, indie and modern gaming. I also appreciate that there is a game for every type of player, from a noob to hardcore gamer.
I somehow manage to leave my wallet at home...a lot. You can pay almost anywhere with Samsung Pay...even when NFC isn't accepted. So yup, those old, sketchy looking gas stations, works there too. OH, it also syncs with Chase Pay/Chase account making a lot of things automatic.
You get unlimited data + call + text stateside AND unlimited data + text when traveling. Best for those who travel internationally often.
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