John Hayes

John Hayes


I am a father, husband, and full-stack developer!

#freelancing, #parenting, #freelance, #development, #money 
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John Hayes stacked Reddit
I'm a Reddit nerd and the official app is excellent.
A lifesaver and keeps my passwords safe. I love being able to have a different password for every login.
John Hayes stacked Vim
I use a combination of VimWiki and Vim Todo. They both work and keep everything organized since I spend most of my day in the terminal and Vim.
An old classic that never gets old.
John Hayes stacked Spark
Love the smart email feature. Just makes reading emails so much simpler.
Quick questions answered without any complaining.
Language learning is a passion for me and I spend a lot of time learning each and every day. The Speechling system just works!
Simple and brings back memories of my teenage years.
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