Frederik Paulus

Frederik Paulus


Policy analyst in economics, tinkerer in all things tech. Based in Malaysia, via Singapore, London, France and Belgium.

#tech, #literature, #nomad, #parenting, #data 
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Frederik Paulus stacked Mailbrew
Sends you a daily (or weekly) email aggregating RSS feeds, email newsletters, tweets etc. Good for keeping up to date on the latest stories on given websites, but really shines for Twitter. Has basically replaced the Twitter app for me.
Frederik Paulus stacked God Of War
Expansive world and intriguing story.
A good pair of running shoes is all you need.
Frederik Paulus stacked iPhone XS
Still fast, great screen, just works...
Frederik Paulus stacked Things 3
Thoughtful design that nudges behaviour in just the right places.
Apple Watch feels like the new Swatch. Turn off all notifications, and let it tell you the time, monitor your health and use Siri now and then to set a timer...
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