Beatrice Ferrarini

Beatrice Ferrarini


I’m a UX Designer (#UX) fascinated by how the brain works and passionate for tech-innovation. Co-founder @friday_thewebfactory

#learning, #internet, #freelancing, #fitness, #development, #product-management, #money +9
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Still testing it, but I'm gonna end my photoshop subscription as I only need to do basic retouches. Pixlr though seems pretty complete and has a lot of features..
Beatrice Ferrarini stacked Miro
remote team working, using it for the discovery phase in an agile team
clearer calls, but not for free
fast and reliable
all of my projects and tasks are here, I use it both in team and alone
notifications (mobile in silence mode) and auto-recognises my sport activities
it's free and has a plenty of different workouts
routines for lights and coffe machine
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