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Nerd on productivity, digital-transformation, cooking and photography. Interested in things that make life more enjoyable and simpler.

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farbfotoĀ stackedĀ Roon Labs
Best music service out there - great way of getting the best from music in above Hifi quality
farbfotoĀ stackedĀ Drafts
Always there, always on
farbfotoĀ stackedĀ Obsidian
Simple way to connect notes and thoughts - and keeps the data for yourself.
Helps to structure thinking
farbfotoĀ stackedĀ Spark
Loved it, but not sure anymore. On the search for sth new...
Lightweight, convenient
Works - and is a game changer....
farbfotoĀ stackedĀ Trello
Like the overall concept and automation possibilities
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