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An eye-opening look into our biases and misconceptions about randomness and knowledge.
Calum Webb
Ehsan stacked Destiny 2
A solid sci-fi first-person shooter / RPG with a mind-blowing amount of engaging PvE and PvP content. Great with friends.
Ehsan stacked Shape Up
This is a great antidote for your Agile woes. Elegant concepts that make sense and work individually or as part of the whole system.
Nice UI and good regional data breakdowns.
Ehsan stacked Wirecutter
My go to source for quick purchase recommendations.
Ehsan stacked Blockset
Access blockchain data from multiple blockchains using a single API, without having to run your own nodes.
Quick 2-player game with lots of replayability.
Ehsan stacked Viticulture
Worker placement game about wine making, excellent theme and mechanics.
YourStack Mascot