Ermin Kadińá

Ermin Kadińá


Product Designer at / can’t reveal much else yet

#product-design, #startups, #freelance, #ui, #learning, #mobile, #fitness +9
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Ermin Kadińᬆstacked¬†
good vibes
Ermin Kadińᬆstacked¬†Itsycal
cute lil calendar app
Ermin Kadińᬆstacked¬†Twitter
Modern-day business card. Modern-day university.
Ermin Kadińᬆstacked¬†YourStack
You forget you have them on.
Ermin Kadińᬆstacked¬†Spark
Smart design, Smart email features.
Ermin Kadińᬆstacked¬†Slack
Workplace, Teams, Communities, you name it. Slack is where communication happens.
Ermin Kadińᬆstacked¬†Endel
A beautifully designed app that brings me into my flow state.
YourStack Mascot