Eric Ruleman

Eric Ruleman

lone voice crying in the wilderness

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You'll never look at money & violence the same way again.
shortcuts ftw~
the music streaming section is the best! lots of great musicians - and the community is great
Descript is my startup crush — Descript transcribes your audio & then allows you to edit your audio like it's a word document. You can even write text and have Descript synthesize your voice o_O.
The easiest way to start a podcast — one-click distribution all podcast platforms.
I make myself a latte every morning - easily recoups its cost by saving me $5 on a latte & and it's way more fun
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All of my blog posts start out as Notion docs. Writing is actually the art of organized note-taking.
the best design tool out there - think design with multiplayer built-in has animations, can include GIFs developer handoff is seamless - css code is auto-generated
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