Kevin T Nguyen

Kevin T Nguyen


A Slasher of Many: Digital Marketing/@crossmediany/Fitness/Taco enthusiast/Coffee Aficionado/Cactus Addict/Swoosh gang/Urban explorer

#cooking, #weightlifting, #analytics, #data, #startups, #nature, #sustainability +1
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Just a neat way to spice up the Zoom calls
Scheduling random things on social
Primary way to pay friends and split meals
I used to just browse LinkedIn to read HBR articles and other business related things.
Meh on the fence, there's certain people that don't have the other socials so I am still currently using it.
I mainly enjoy it for the status tiers and ability to get priority at airports but haven't ridden in Uber in quite some time
Probably my favorite app. I star and make notations to nearly every place I've been to.
Just enjoy following people and seeing random takes
YourStack Mascot