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Emily stacked Sporcle
Sharpen my love for geography and other random trivia! You can challenge your friends too or have a showdown with another random player.
Douglas RoseCalum Webb
Emily stacked Citymapper
A handy app for getting around a city with public transportation. I like the feature that tells you which is the best entrance and what part of the train you should be in for your exit.
For one, I enjoy tracking my flights - which airlines I fly most, how many kms, what type of plane, etc. Additionally, I enjoy seeing how many planes are in the air at a certain time.
Emily stacked Goodreads
I'm also a sucker for tracking things I enjoy and at the top of the list are books. I enjoy seeing what my friends/community are reading and adding it to my TBR list. I created different tags from recommendations I see from blogs, Instagram accounts, or from friends.
Alex WingertKatie WellsHerman Schutte
Emily stacked Canva
I'm far from a designer and Canva is so easy to use. I've made CVs, instagram posts, logos, and more with their functional design templates.
Only discovered the game a bit before quarantine and luckily found out you can also play online. I love the strategy and game mechanics. It's unlike any other game I know.
PASCAL TIEMANNCalcutta PuriStanley Hataria
Emily stacked NordVPN
Inexpensive and reliable VPN
Emily stacked treatwell
Find salons in my area with good reviews! Oftentimes there are significant discounts when booking with them.
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