🍉 UX Design @alluresystems @healiapp 🎓 GBDA 2022 @uwaterloo 👨‍🏫 Ex-Director & Brand Designer @team_waterloop (SpaceX Hyperloop)... I like trains.

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Emile stacked AirPods Pro
Sound good, look good, feel good. I almost depend on these.
Emile stacked Typeform
Well built, delightful.
Simple looking, feels like walking on clouds.
Emile stacked Notion
Helps me organise everything so wonderfully well, and the mobile/ iPad updates are delightful!
Emile stacked Bonsai
Simple to use, easy invoicing and proposals. Helped me keep a professional front when I was getting started with my design agency.
My favourite newsletter for quality of original content, not including their fantastic podcast. Always great knowledge and database of mental models.
Emile stacked Almanac
This is the dream for someone who's new to their field and needing some indirect guidance.
Elen Udovichenko
Emile stacked Naval
YourStack Mascot