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It gives you great insights on how people can feel/behave and how to be mindful of the way you interact with other people.
Eli Becerril Wong stacked yana
The best tool for supporting your mental health (in Spanish).
Eli Becerril Wong stacked Unfold
I am definitely not an influencer, but sharing content beautifully on Instagram is super quick with this tool.
My friends make fun of me, but whenever I have to go on a business trip. I jump into Pinterest to check what are the 2 days itinerary on X city...the best way to take advantage of your business trip. Apply this formula to other things... what to cook, how to fix, etc.
The only thing that helped me calm my anxiety and rest at night are sleep casts.
If it is not in my google calendar, it is not happening for me.
Eli Becerril Wong stacked Calendly
I just love the interface, how you can create different types of links for your events. When you handle several stakeholders in your inbox and have to go in follow up calls. It works great with your mail tool!
Eli Becerril Wong stacked Miro
It is a great tool for building products or brainstorming ideas. It is easy to bounce back ideas with your colleagues
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