Edmundo Ruiz

Edmundo Ruiz


Software developer

#feminism, #food, #ui, #dog, #podcast, #parent 
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Because I can search for all kinds of crap and not worry about it.
I don't listen to podcasts that often.
The product design is terrible but it tracks my steps well and I like the silent alarms and calendar reminders. It's slim enough that I can sleep with it for sleep tracking.
Remembering passwords should not be a thing.
I work here!
Still waiting for an electric that can challenge Telsa, and bought it years ago anyway. Roomy for a tall man like myself, and a really practical city car. Great gas mileage.
Use it to track every time I go out on my bike, even if it's just commuting.
Adopted is as dogma and life philosophy to help me live my life without being afraid.
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