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LTV = (purpose * $$) ^ (at scale) / 🥅 to build a co. / @TheFollowUp_Co / @CodeLessPodcast / gumroad.com/edmunda / superpeer.com/edmund

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I ❤️ Yac cos it eliminates meetings. You just have to try it to understand why asynchronous communication is so valuable in a 🌍 of "information overload". I think Yac is the best r/n cos it has low friction and high fidelity. LMK your thoughts1. https://yac.com/edmundamoye
Gives my network exponential leverage with simple, smart and fast intros. It also saves time.
Turn your live notes into video highlights you can share. Awesome workflow for meetings, meetups, customer surveys and anything involving human convo captured in video. Your conversation is a sandy beach and you can share the grains with others.
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A hallway monitor for your productivity. Stay in flow, by removing distractions - automatically.
It helps me manage my time on my own terms. It's not just about access to your calendar - its about leverage for your best self.
The new way to thing about databases. I use this for almost every V1 of my projects.
Meditation at your own pace. Feels like you have a personal meditation coach. Lots of structured plans and one-off sessions designed to meet you where you are. Game changer for me.
Jesse Pickard
A productivity app that helps you literally slash your tasks 1-by-1. This has been the greatest game changer for my focus and productivity in 2020. The integrations keep getting better and the functionality is awesome.
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