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Dominic Monn


Machine Learning @loom_ai · Remote Worker · Building @MentorCruise / @nohqco & others · Creating our future robot overlords · @tenzbenz1
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Their API is such lifesaver. Like a 21st century solution to the 20th century banking ecosystem.
TJ Ferrara
about 12 hours ago
Saved me a few hours of my life bundling all sorts of APIs together, so that's a good thing.
Radoslav Stankov
about 12 hours ago
Bought Litecoin when it was the 'cheapest' crypto on Coinbase besides BTC and ETH, ended up being the one delivering the biggest profits for me (over 600%)
about 12 hours ago
Got my last job through this, good stuff.
Ryan HooverDan Edwards
about 20 hours ago
Dominic Monn stacked Loom
I now use video to explain something difficult, rather than writing a 10 paragraph email. Works magically with Loom.
Ryan Hoover
about 20 hours ago
Completes my daily planning.
5 months ago
If you are looking for your little nook on the internet, this is it.
about 20 hours ago
Once you realize that the smoothie you drink for breakfast burns through 1/3 of your daily calorie intake, you start to question things...
about 20 hours ago
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