Dominic Monn

Dominic Monn


Machine Learning @loom_ai · Remote Worker · Building @MentorCruise / @nohqco & others · Creating our future robot overlords · @tenzbenz1

#startups, #memes, #product, #tech, #data, #machinelearning 
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Aaron recommended this here, and it honestly just slices through anything like warm butter. Very beautiful and high-quality. I keep it in its sleeve in a special cupboard so nobody elses uses it 😬
Parker HendersonAaron
Their API is such lifesaver. Like a 21st century solution to the 20th century banking ecosystem.
TJ Ferrara
Great, addictive game
Bought Litecoin when it was the 'cheapest' crypto on Coinbase besides BTC and ETH, ended up being the one delivering the biggest profits for me (over 600%)
Saved me a few hours of my life bundling all sorts of APIs together, so that's a good thing.
Radoslav Stankov
I built this, use it to mentor others, and also booked a coach on there :)
If you are looking for your little nook on the internet, this is it.
Peter Thaleikis
Got my last job through this, good stuff.
Dan EdwardsRyan Hoover
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