Kim Døfler

Kim Døfler


Founder of Trigger Growth | Startup Mentor | Speaker | Growth Hacker | Online Marketing Automation |

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Makes it easy to stay connected with family living far away 🤗
Has been my favorite text and code editor for years.
Notion is like a combination of Google Docs, Google Sheet, and Trello. It is an amazing tool for project and task management. And also works great as a knowledge base. Crazy piece of software.
Super fast compression of images in bulk. Great for preparing images for upload to Wordpress sites.
It makes building beautiful Wordpress sites with oxygen builder much faster
Create any web design and feature you can imagine within a visual builder. Run PHP, use custom post types, and custom fields. No limitations. Not the best for beginners, but developers will love it.
Spin up a WordPress site on your own server in seconds.
We make websites that create sales. Fast, easy to navigate, and beautiful.
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