Diogo Ferreira

Diogo Ferreira

@diogomartf   gymlovers.pt

I’m a full-stack developer who loves design. Creator of Gymlovers. I enjoy learning, traveling and reading.

#ux, #friends, #marketing, #culture, #outdoors, #code, #blockchain, #investing, #programmation, #fitness
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Having a mug that keeps your drink always on perfect temperature had been one the best luxuries I had. Not having to heat again or drink cold is incredible. After using Ember Mug there is not turning back.
Great mobile bank.
Freddy W.
easiest app to buy crypto
My go-to listen music app.
Easy way to keep up with blogs you like
Easy way to save articles on the web.
Private search, not as good as google, but replaces 80% of the google use cases. It's my default.
Ember mug 2 is just a game changer. Before I had to use the microwave to heat my coffee/Tea or drink it cold. Now I just don't think about it.
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