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DhruvĀ stackedĀ VS Code
Switched from Atom. Loads faster, tons of extensions, helps you fly through your code.
DhruvĀ stackedĀ Poolside.fm
Just delightful and such a vibe
DhruvĀ stackedĀ Levels
See what's happening inside your body as you eat and exercise in real time. Shorter feedback cycles help you make changes. Beautiful, simple app and tracker.
DhruvĀ stackedĀ 1 1 1 1
Makes your mobile internet connection private and faster...for free.
Calcutta Puri
Clean design, can preset different configurations, completely customizable to your routine and space with their various accessories
DhruvĀ stackedĀ Google Photos
Gets rid of "you're running out of storage" notifications on iPhone
DhruvĀ stackedĀ Readwise
Improves your retention of what you read. Works with all inputs (the web, books, pdfs, etc.)
Tristan Homsi
DhruvĀ stackedĀ Twitter
No better way to discover new people and new ideas
YourStack Mascot