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Dhruv stacked Jarvis Standing Desk
Clean design, can preset different configurations, completely customizable to your routine and space with their various accessories
Dhruv stacked Google Photos
Gets rid of "you're running out of storage" notifications on iPhone
Dhruv stacked Readwise
Improves your retention of what you read. Works with all inputs (the web, books, pdfs, etc.)
Dhruv stacked Twitter
No better way to discover new people and new ideas
Dhruv stacked YouTube
Subscribe to channels about things you want to learn about and the algorithm will push you even more.
Dhruv stacked Rick And Morty
Deep topics in a hilarious format
You'll 10x the amount you can listen to. It becomes so convenient to pick up where you left off that little moments in line or commuting get unlocked for podcasts. Magic.
Dhruv stacked Atom Editor
so. many. plugins. to make development easier. Don't add too many tho or it gets intolerably slow
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