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Seamlessly connects to my Mac, has a much better typing experience than the butterfly keyboard and a battery that never seems to run out 🥳
Yuri MorenoTanishq SharmaJesse Russell
Dhruv stacked DuckDuckGo
easy to setup, blocks trackers & ads.
Joe HootmanEssay Kingjordyfineass
I've owned this acoustic guitar for 6 years now. It has a solid top and Fishman pickups to plug it into an amplifier. Sounds better each day!
RahulVladFajar Siddiq
Dhruv stacked Requestly
One of the best chrome extensions for modifying requests. I use it to proxy URLs to my local server. You can store upto 10 rules in the free version which is quite good. It is available for both Chrome & Firefox
RahulFajar Siddiq
Dhruv stacked Dribbble
Dribble is the first place I look into whenever I need some design inspiration.
Coleman FoleyDavidMax Yakin Bozek ス
Dhruv stacked Shazam
Shazam is my on the go music finder. Coffee shops, pubs or house parties. It's always present on my home screen ready to search a song that I like. Also the accuracy is impressive!
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