Dan Edwards

Dan Edwards

Design @ProductHunt 😻 expect emojis.

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Pro tips
Find the most upvoted products of all time ⬆️ 👀

Curious to explore the most upvoted products ever? Enter * into the search bar - voila!

Use comments as user testimonials!

Received a comment that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Using embed you can easily add them to your landing page / marketing sites as real user testimonials. Simply go the the comment and click 'Share' and "Embed' (shown below):

You'll then get this screen (shown below) with a live preview, which gives you the code you'll need to embed it directly to your site!

Have fun!

*fun fact* - I didn't know this existed on PH and during a company hackathon, pitched the idea (with designs) to the whole team. YIKES. 😂🙈

Use Time Travel to discover the very best of Product Hunt!

We've got a handy feature on PH called Time Travel, it simply allows you to view the most popular products from any year or month. e.g. To see the most popular products of 2019, go to https://www.producthunt.com/time-travel/2019, or to view for September 2019, go to: https://www.producthunt.com/time-travel/2019/9 - have fun time travelling!

Use Stark to check contrast and simulate colour blindness in your designs

If you want to make sure your colours, visuals and typography provide great readability, legibility and contrast and comply with accessibility guidelines then this is a must have! It's available for free from https://www.getstark.co

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