Dan Edwards

Dan Edwards

Design @ProductHunt 😻 expect emojis.

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Dan Edwards stacked Swarm
A fun way to check-in and share what I'm up to.
Makes it really simple to save my spare change, although I use it less now that Monzo has this built in.
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Jordi Mon Companys Mora CasamitjanaJacqAndreea A Balasa
Not the most beautiful app, but it works well and the gaming communities I want to be use Discord
Calum WebbElias FisherJames Young
Dan Edwards stacked Stark
A must have for every designer, the Sketch plugin is super helpful!
James YoungCat NooneNathaniel Blackburn
Dan Edwards stacked Loom
Loom is great for recording quick screen recordings and sharing with the PH team. The Chrome plugin is super useful!
Daniel MarcinkowskiNicholas GouldShivam Dewan
Makes it super easy to connect my AirPods to my Mac, but also does a bunch of other cool things like switching between dark/light mode, hiding desktop icons, do not disturb mode.. the list goes on. All on "One Switch".
Scott CollingeMalvikaJeff Dashley
I regularly copy something but then copy something else, thus losing the pervious thing I copied (you following me so far? Yeah, cool). Pasta keeps a track of all the things I've copied so I can paste them at any point. Nicely designed Mac app, too!
Helps keep my MacBook speedy, regularly freeing up space by purging my Mac's inactive memory.
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