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Use it every day to build a variety of mini apps for everything I am working on.
The most thoughtful and innovative team in technology. I'm biased as I have been an Advisor to AngelList since day one, but am constantly impressed with the continual innovation.
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Best health wearable on the market, by far. One of the only electronic devices that has changed the way I make decisions about my health. Oura is specifically focused on sleep, which is the most important variable to focus on first when trying to improve your health.
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Spotify is the best music app in the world right now. In particular I love their various playlists for different moods and contexts, they are always improving and getting better.
Everyone knows Settlers is the best game. It just is.
Have not stopped wearing one since launch. It gets better and better. But, I particularly love the ambient awareness the complications bring.
Dave Morin stacked Otter
For someone like me who has a hard time with rote memory, Otter is a godsend for taking notes.
Best product Apple has launched in 5 years. Always in my pocket.
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