Danny Denhard

Danny Denhard

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Marketing, Growth & Product Leader. Podcast addict. Director of Growth & Crowdfunding Director. Newsletter creator - Mustreads.substack.com

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The best curated email on the planet, covering must reads of the week, stories you likely missed and articles that will just add value to your week
Spark is one of a very small number of email apps that actually designed for you to control email and control conversation with multiple inboxes and I love how the auto notifications of emails are smart and auto triggered. Easily in the top 3 email apps
AeTodd’s Written Word, LLCBrian Altman
Possibly the best integration into imessage and adds some much flavour and sauce to messaging and communication
Pocket is straight forward, easy to use and great to save important articles or webpages
Easily the best journalism on the web, feels like a broadsheet quality publication delivered across your sports bundle
rebeccaJake Hung Tran
The easiest way to love podcasts, remove white noise and pauses is a great feature for heavy podcast users
By far the best small team docs and wiki. Easy, creative and has really thought about how multiple teams and disciplines would use it
Simple, easy and my most used notes app. Great for a free personal wiki and to-do lists. Basic filtering and categorisation makes it stand out over bloated products and other note taking apps.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
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