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product guy, entrepreneurial mind, creative brain, soul of bits & bytes, addicted to everything digital, creator of Wunderpresentation

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Pro tips
Create presentations from Trello boards in 3 steps

Creating a presentation has never been easier - just follow this:

1. Fill a Trello board: one card = one slide (follows all available lists in the board from top to bottom)

2. Goto https://wunderpresentation.com/trello

3. Authorize your account, select the desired board, click convert

Create presentations from Markdown

It's only one click away to convert even Markdown into interactive presentation slides. Just paste your Markdown content here: https://wunderpresentation.com/markdown/ and click "Convert" and it instantly creates a presentation from it.

Promote your product's YourStack page

Implement your own "Add to YourStack" button easily on your site to call users adding your product to their stack.

Fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/danielpichel/axswzh7o/13/

Example (bottom of page): https://wunderpresentation.com/

Typography plugin that converts vanilla HTML into beauty

Just add class="prose" to any container and it will automatically beautify the inner HTML without the need to format it separately.

More Info: https://github.com/tailwindcss/typography

Add photo content or link to cards in one click

My use case for the mobile app is mainly managing my travel bucket list. Whenever I discover appealing destinations in social media I take a screenshot and add them to a new card just via:

1. Open card

2. Add attachement

3. Use Last Photo

This way it automatically adds the last photo from camara roll. No need to find and select it.

Same works with links.

Convert Notion pages into interactive presentations

Structure a Notion page via "Heading 1" and "Heading 2", add content below each and insert the public URL of the page (via "share" → "share to the web") in https://wunderpresentation.com/notion/ to instantly create a presentation from it.

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