Daniel Pichel

Daniel Pichel


product guy, entrepreneurial mind, creative brain, soul of bits & bytes, addicted to everything digital, creator of Wunderpresentation

#blockchain, #lifestyle, #meditation, #nomad, #journalism, #maker, #api +12
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Enjoy the pro tipps from heavy users on the apps I love most.
Provides the best overview and neat explanations of 338 models (if I counted correctly). Trying to practise on a daily basis. Still not through all of them though.
Jeremy Caplan
Creates presentations just from structured text. It's still in early stages but already a nifty way to do the job. As the maker of this one I may be biased - but early test users have been happy about the results they got from it!
Jeremy Caplan
It wins over MS Teams by providing an experience that is intuitive and nice. Every single action done in Slack is fun. It has a soul!
Should this not be the default #1 add on to any browser? Using this on a every day basis when sun has set.
Extremely helpful for quickly arranging, collaborating and discussing UI related topics. Equally simple and quick as drawing by hand - but in style.
Frequently switching between this and the other competitor with the yellow icon. It's more a gut feeling of when to use what. I still prefer this over the other app as arranging objects feels more stable and the result always just looks nice.
It has such an incredibly great UX. Every single action taken in this app is pure joy. Using it for private (my bucketlist) and business (product prio board).
YourStack Mascot