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David stacked Trader Joes
3 buck chuck, Cookie butter, Black Truffle Ketchup, Kale Gnocchi .... I could go on and on. Produce can be a little iffy sometimes but pound for pound I'll take TJ's any day
Ryan Hoover
David stacked Cocofloss
The natural fibers feel like they are giving your teeth a good wax. Recommend mint.
David stacked Ruby
Just butter to work with
David stacked Planta
Vast library of house plants with specific guidelines on how to take care like watering schedules
I am the danger
It’s an air purifier that actually works. Johnny Ive approves of its sleek design
Preppy surfer and in between sizes (marge) fill my closet
Breathe easy knowing your air quality. Combine with a air purifier and dehumidifier
Nate Rosen
YourStack Mascot