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dVokaĀ stackedĀ YouTube
My goto media service surrounding my interests.
dVokaĀ stackedĀ goodreads
Looks cool and useful! Just rated 24 books Iā€™ve read.
dVokaĀ stackedĀ YourStack
Pretty cool service. I enjoy reading what others say about their favorite apps, books, services, and products.
dVokaĀ stackedĀ Alfred
Numero uno used app on my Mac; awesome!!
dVokaĀ stackedĀ Apple Pay
I use Apple Pay wherever available; secure and quick payments.
dVokaĀ stackedĀ Shortcuts
Very cool app/life integration. Hey Siri wake AppleTV. Many useful stacks already written and shared. Learn to develop your own; easy stuff!!
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Widely used for weather, noise measuring, reminders, hey Siri play Alter Bridge, and time telling.
dVokaĀ stackedĀ Day One Journal
Havenā€™t used in a while but love the ui re: affording me ability to record and remember my thoughts.
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