I drink coffee, ride motorcycles, write code, and consume knowledge & media from around the globe on my Apple devices.

#motorcycling, #programming, #development, #api, #coffee 
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dVoka stacked AeroPress
Best coffee maker!
dVoka stacked Things
Very well designed “getting things done” style of software.
dVoka stacked Rework
I read this a few years ago; great book! Time to pick it up and read again.
dVoka stacked CleanMyMac
Beautiful interface; loaded with must have utilities if you own a Mac.
dVoka stacked Firefox
Chrome is the king of browsers in terms of usage, but Firefox is still fighting for a spot on the stage and they’re doing fantastic. Firefox Developer Tools are greater than Chrome’s tools in my opinion; however they’re both very similar so cycling between each is easy to do.
I use this to collaborate with my work mates. Development of this application on desktop and mobile has gone well; much improved since original release; similar to Slack, but has excellent integration into Office 365.
dVoka stacked AutoSleep
Have experienced numerous undesirable sleep patterns over the past 3 months so I use this to record, review, and adjust my “sleep stack” (currently: valerian root: 500mg, melatonin: 3mg, and cbd: 12.5mg.)
dVoka stacked LumaFusion
Excellent video editing tool for iPad. 5 audio tracks and a multitude of supporting resources developed into this great software.
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