Product @Google. Outdoor photographer, voracious reader, sometimes a writer. Always learning.

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Catherine stacked Jumbo
Love how it cleans up my social posts from 5+ years ago, and helps make sure Google/Facebook have as little of my data stored as possible.
Shivam DewanAndrei M. MarinescuLinda Xie
Catherine stacked Jot
Just tried my first bottle of this coffee concentrate and it makes for a latte that tastes professional. So glad because I miss my third wave coffees!
Calum WebbLindsay LeeColeman Foley
Catherine stacked Etsy
Can't believe I didn't set up a store earlier. Started selling photo prints and I've already made more money than I did on Society6 (S6 sells your print for $30 and gives you $2, I hate them)
abzLucas H.lindsay fuce
Catherine stacked Canva
Their templates make it so non-professional designers can start with something and edit to make their own vs starting from scratch.
DhruvElen UdovichenkoKeith Vaz
Catherine stacked Aaptiv
I use Aaptiv for outdoor runs - love their music choices, and they give advice on improving your form as well.
Jesse Russell
Catherine stacked Peloton
Surprisingly enough, I'm addicted to the non-bike classes Peloton offers. Usually I'll do a HIIT workout or 15min of yoga if I'm feeling stiff.
Jonathan YagelColeman Foley
I swear by these pens. Love the precise point on them.
James McNabGraham GnallGuilherme Schmitt
I always have too many tabs open so if I don't need to use one right away, I snooze it.
JulieMalik Alleyne-JonesPeter Thaleikis
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