Product @Google. Outdoor photographer, voracious reader, sometimes a writer. Always learning.

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Catherine stacked Aaptiv
I use Aaptiv for outdoor runs - love their music choices, and they give advice on improving your form as well.
Jesse Russell
Catherine stacked Peloton
Surprisingly enough, I'm addicted to the non-bike classes Peloton offers. Usually I'll do a HIIT workout or 15min of yoga if I'm feeling stiff.
Coleman Foley
I swear by these pens. Love the precise point on them.
James McNabIdeasGuilherme Schmitt
I always have too many tabs open so if I don't need to use one right away, I snooze it.
JulieMalik Alleyne-JonesPeter Thaleikis
Right now I have 3 windows open with at least 20 tabs in each one...
Elen Udovichenko
Superlight camera I can take on long hikes.
Catherine stacked Spotify
Started using workout podcasts on Spotify to do at-home yoga now that we're working from home.
Catherine stacked Plann
I use it to queue up Instagram posts and make sure my grid looks good. Compared a bunch of tools against each other and liked this one most. This is my first time using a planning tool, 9 years after I started using IG so I'm quite behind haha.
Calum WebbDouglas Rose
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