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Easy to use a touchscreen in these gloves. Useful down to around 25 degrees F.
michael stacked Copilot
Best UX of any budgeting app out there
Primary use-case is to monitor notifications and measure exercise. Currently rocking the Milanese Loop stainless steel version and I love the design!
Makes me feel like a hype beast
michael stacked Madcap
Amazing variety of single origin coffee.
The verde hot sauce is my favorite sauce of all time. Strikes a good balance of sweet and hot.
Fixed my wrist and arm pain from working at a desk job
michael stacked Wren
My partner and I emit ~10.5 tons of CO2(e) per year. Wren is a great way to internalize the cost of the greenhouse gases we emit each year. If your government wont enforce GHG taxes, it is your civic duty to do it yourself.
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