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Coleman Foley


Software engineer, interested in product stuff

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Very powerful book. After reading this book, you will feel pumped about defining your ideal future and making it real. The author also has a 30-day course with exercises based on the book, which I'm a few days into.
As close as anything I've found to a complete personal growth assistant. Brings daily plans together with long term goals better than anything else. I love the built-in weekly, monthly, and annual reviews. It has just about everything you need to set and reach goals.
It's very adjustable. I like how it supports leaning back, so I can lean back when doing something more passive and change up my posture for a bit.
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Feels like an interesting, original combination of the thinking behind Roam and a diagramming tool.
They look good, the price is good, they're comfortable, and they last a pretty long time.
So much useful information on trails in the Bay Area.
Fun, welcoming online writing community. Write every day, and keep your streak going. I love these communities of people striving for a similar goal. Just a very positive vibe.
Coursera course. Fresh habits ("rewirements") to try each week. Examples so far have been a gratitude practice and regular exercise. The lectures are informative and enjoyable. And it's free!
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