Connor Hicks

Connor Hicks


Millennial, basically. I build things at @1Password with Go, Kubernetes, Docker, and other neat stuff. He/Him.

#tech, #golang, #devops 
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My team recently used Tandem instead of Zoom for our first remote hackathon, and it was quite successful. It feels very lightweight!
We’ve had the model 3 for 6 months now and it continues to be fun, reliable, and maintenance free! Even in Canada where the temperatures can get very cold, we are still able to easily road trip when we want to using the supercharger network.
Connor Hicks stacked Plex
It does what it’s designed to do, quite well at that. And it runs right in the NAS!
It’s actually 55 inches! But it’s for incredible value and is performed Very well in the 8 months we’ve had it
Beside Notion, this is what keeps my life in order. The natural language input is the best of any app I’ve tried, and I was happy to subscribe to the premium plan even though I only wanted one of its features since I really want this app to stick around.
I don’t think any more good words need to be said about Alfred, it’s the gold standard
It has some great features such as the low priority inbox (which is super accurate) but the thing I love most is that it’s FAST. The UI and searching are both lag-free.
Easy to use, finds tracking numbers in your email inbox (usually) automatically
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