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Craig Ogg


Technologist, cook, woodworker

#food, #code, #data, #scifi, #podcast, #cooking, #drink 
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Tiller Money loads your banking transaction data and balances directly into Google Sheets or Excel, making it easy to create whatever type of analysis/reporting you need if their supplied reporting isn't sufficient.
This book introduced me to cognitive psychology in product design and really changed the way I viewed it. I find myself still leaning on concepts I first learned in this eye opening book.
As part of Google Suite, Keep makes it easy to collaborate on my notes with others. I often take meeting notes with dry erase on my erasable table and take a picture to transcribe later. Works like a charm
The Apple Watch is the only reason I ever on time to meetings. I just wish it did a better job getting my Google Calendar updates on a reasonable interval.
Craig Ogg stacked Gmail
Gmail's smart spam handling and great search make it hard to move away from.
Craig Ogg stacked Sublime
Sublime is fast, lightweight and has great language support
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