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This is the backend to my Fantastical...
My go to meditation app, feels a lot more scientific and feels a lot more personal, they even have meditation coaches you can ask questions to. Highly recommend!
Nicolo S stacked Winno
Winno is a really cool hand-curated news summary app which allows you to subscribe to notifications on certain topics and cuts through the noise of fake and repetitive news.
I used to use Monosnap for screenshots but ever since I found CleanShot it has replaced Monosnap for me completely. It is a super polished app, has a cloud component for easy sharing and even allows you to take super long screenshots by scrolling!
Nicolo S stacked Obsidian
Obsidian > Roam I have my Obsidian notes indexed in my DevonThink so my entire knowledge management system feels super integrated. The team is super active on Discord and I can already feel this will be a winner!
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DevonThink is my Evernote replacement of choice. It works super well with Omnifocus and Airmail, my email and task managers to allow me to keep every document I ever need in sync through iCloud and/or a WebDav server. Super flexible and polished app.
Omnifocus basically runs my life, I have used every todo app under the sun and Omnifocus is the only one that has been able to rise to any complex task/period of my life I can throw at it. 100% worth the time investment to learn it.
Nicolo S stacked Mailbrew
Mailbrew is an amazing tool to cut through all the noise and distractions of social media + the UX is amazing!
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