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Chinoman10 - Entrepreneur, Tech guy, Event Producer, Esports aficionado and the rest you can Google it 😁

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Where else can you get 20% APY savings?
Sérgio Rebelo stacked Fing
Nice app for network discoverability and troubleshooting.
Best place to get cheap (and sometimes good) products from China.
Easily one of the most modern banks with tons of features, their free plan is quite generous too!
Sérgio Rebelo stacked Authy
A 2-Auth app that syncs between the computer and the phone? Great!
The de-facto movie/series streaming platform of the decade.
Sérgio Rebelo stacked Signal
All aboard a privacy-first open-source 100% free messaging app that puts WhatsApp, Messenger, and all others to shame.
When you're used to having literally dozens of windows open, Groupy comes along and helps tidy your Windows desktop experience.
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