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These are fantastic, comfortable headphones with amazing noise cancellation. Great for when you want over ears headphones rather than in ears.
Calum WebbMehdi Abou
I switched to 1Password last month and can’t ever see myself going back to Keychain. The service is amazing as is the UI. I love the password generation and how seamless it is
Excellent value, apps on all of my devices. Great speed and service!
AaronJesse Russell
Charlotte stacked Feedly
Nice UI, easy to use and no pesky ads!
This app has a huge range of sounds to choose from. The weather ones are my favourite. A nice change if you need background noise to concentrate but don’t fancy music or a podcast!
J. Adamsjulien zmiroDaniel Pichel
An excellent database app. I use it as my editorial calendar for my blog, a place for blog post ideas and somewhere to keep a multi-tab database for wish list items.
Farayi ChambatiStephen Bishop SeelyJonathan Yagel
Charlotte stacked Ulysses
I love the wider range of export options Ulysses offers as well as the writing goal function. A really great app and a reasonable subscription price too.
Reza Saeedi
Wireless charging and double tapping to change tools are a game changer on the 2nd gen. After upgrading from the 1st I’m super happy with this model!
Max Yakin Bozek スRicardo MatosIlias Marios Chaliamalias
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