Chris Messina

Chris Messina


Inventor of the hashtag. #1 Product Hunter 🏆. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Previously: Google, Uber, Molly (YC W18).

#nomadism, #travel, #product-design, #music, #design-systems, #social-media 
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This drive is SO fast and small — I bought two!
Now that Nike Training Club premium is free — it's become even more my preferred/go-to fitness/training app!
Max Yakin Bozek スPete
Useful for accessing your iDevice's guts — including Photos, Apps, and Message histories.
The best way to backup your iDevices and access their guts...!
Chris Messina
Excellent sound for the size. The Alexa integration is also useful.
Arrive has amazing integration with Shopify. Love it.
I love how the Series 5 lasts all day on a single charge and has the glanceable mode now. This is my first Apple Watch and I'm actually quite satisfied so far.
Super useful app for taking quick screenshots and screen recordings. Hides desktop icons too!
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