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Chris Messina


Hashtag inventor & TBD. For now, nomadic.


Of course I use Slack for business communications, but more recently for coordinating and collaborating with my personal assistant and partner.
Makes audio sound amazing from any Mac!
I'll use Annotable like I used to use Skitch, but for mobile apps. I'll highlight certain things, use pixelation to obscure others, and then use the app the crop images to my needs.
I use Trello to plan out my travel, speaking gigs, and to assign tasks to my personal assistant.
Makes it easy to send my Pocket longreads to my Kindle!
I track ALL my packages with this app. Love it — long time customer!
I use Otter daily to send voice memos to my partner while we're long distance. This way we can read each other's notes while we're in the go or listen when we have more time/want to hear each other's voices.
Super useful app for taking quick screenshots and screen recordings. Hides desktop icons too!
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