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#VC @comcastventures. #longla #proptech #gaming #maas #sevensummits. climb mountains in my free time. Opinions are my own

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Chris HillĀ stackedĀ SodaStream
Perfect solution for the excessive waste and spending I was committing on sparkling water
Chris HillĀ stackedĀ Crowd Cow
Best Source for High Quality Protein Sourced in a Sustainable Fashion
Chris HillĀ stackedĀ Tinybeans
Perfect for sharing photos of our kids to family members who want to see every moment while not exhausting or alienating any other friend / colleague
While traditionally known as being the "nanotech" book, it is far more prescient on a number of other fields of technology. Probably the single book I recommend the most when asked what SF book to read they haven't.
Chris HillĀ stackedĀ Tovala
Having a decent meal when I'm at home is easy to skip (need to work on the w/l balance) and Tovala makes it easy to have a proper lunch or dinner that is delicious when working from home. Full disclosure - we invested but that was partly because of my love of the product!
Chris HillĀ stackedĀ Sleeper
Who knows if we'll have professional football this fall but if you do anything in fantasy sports this is a must.
Chris HillĀ stackedĀ Airtable
Most flexible data management tool for anyone to use!
Chris HillĀ stackedĀ Strava
YourStack Mascot