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Chase Stubblefield stacked yotpo
They're a leader in the space of curating customer reviews and getting the reviews to show up on the Google search reviews. Not particularly cheap or well-formed, but they're growing rapidly for good reason. Every e-com company needs a third party reviews source like this.
Wish there was a better referral product out there. If there is, please tell me. This is a huge space and it's surprising to me that no more product-led growth company is tackling the space.
I stacked this just to say how much I hate this product. Microsoft products are feature-bloated and only good for B2B sales. Microsoft is *not* a product company or user first. I find it unbelievable how awful updates are managed and menus are decided.
Chase Stubblefield stacked Asana
not that great of a company or product. we use it. wish my team used Notion instead / Notion was just a tad more feature complete in replacing Asana
connect everything. camera vision pull highlights from books.
Chase Stubblefield stacked Matter
Every detail finely optimized. All-star product team. Incredible pace of development. Email is being unbundled--stop reading your newsletters in your inbox and being sad, anxious, and disorganized. A better reader. Social reading + discovery. Send things to notion/roam research.
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Chase Stubblefield stacked Airr
best podcast app for now - leaves some to be desired. RIP breaker
Best app for storing user interview data + creating and sharing actionable insights. Hands down. I looked everywhere and Dovetail is 5 years ahead of second place. A truly Notion/Figma-esque level product experience so far.
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