Saadh S.

Saadh S.

Uh. Digital marketing. Affiliate & media buying. Programming/Automation. SaaS & web tools to generate rev or links.

#meditation, #freelance, #money, #development, #maker, #programming, #advertisting +20
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Saadh S. stacked Gitfox
Doesn't seem to have enough features. It's on Setapp, but for a GUI it doesn't appear good enough at first glance
Using a lot right now (Firebase/Firestore, etc), but wouldn't mind switching off and supporting a smaller player that sometimes appear on HN/Product Hunt
Saadh S. stacked ZEIT
Vercel now
Saadh S. stacked Keybase
RIP (soon)
Great OCR! On SetApp now too
Constant CPU usage gets a bit much
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