Noemie Catel

Noemie Catel


Sr. Product Designer @ Algolia

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We have a common calendar for the family, synced on each Apple device we own: it’s just simple and great!
Small and light, it fits easily in any bag even small handbags, easy to carry when travelling, it's a must have. Buying process and transfer is super smooth, the screen quality is great. However, was disappointed by the ads displayed on the locked screen.
JulieAlexandre MouriecAaron
Very helpful for Product Designers who want to have a clearer vision of product strategy and product management methods. Easy to read even for non-english natives speakers.
Heidi Helen Pilypas
Noemie Catel stacked Flow
Flow is a pomodoro timer mac app, allowing me to focus when I need and to optimise my productivity. Counter to its competitors the UI is quite nice and not intrusive.
Alexandre MouriecRyan HooverAaron
Widest meditation catalogue I've ever seen, and the app is getting better
AaronJun GongJayme Hoffman
Quick wireframing
Ryan Hoover
No hard feelings provided me support and great advices at a point of my career where we had a lot of tensions within the team I had troubles to cope with. It's a very pragmatic book, filled with examples and actionnable tips, and the authors provide associated online ressources.
Technology on board, beautiful design, reliable
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