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Carmel DeAmicis


hoarder of words @figmadesign. My mom forgot what she named me...I found out when I was 16 from the DMV. That about sums it up. 🤷‍♀️

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I get *very* dry lips (esp in winter) and for some reason most chapsticks make it worse. Tarte's tinted balm is the only 1 that successfully moisturizes my lips. Plus, it adds a pretty color (subtle enough I can put it on w/o a mirror)
JulieTaylor MajewskiCharlotte
Life-changing book (even though the voice is preachy). Morning pages are super laborious at 1st, but become a junk drawer clean out for your 🧠. You'll rediscover your inner child & find your joy/spark & come up w creative solutions to problems you've been ruminating on for yrs.
Ryan HooverJulie
It has a creamy consistency & provides great coverage despite being a moisturizer. It makes my skin look dewy, like I'm glowing w health, while also providing SPF protection. It was recommended to me by a Hollywood makeup artist when I was 19 - I still love it to this day.
Heidi Helen PilypasSarah McBrideAbadesi
This shit is so good!!! Like adult Harry Potter, kids go to magic university but everything is darker/more cynical. The books kinda sucked, TV show is way funnier, more playful, more poignant. Takes a season to get into though, first season is a lil slow. Worth it!!!
Sarah Kuehnle
I gave feedback on early draft. Stocked w compelling stories from front lines of FB, Amazon, Goog, Microsoft (+ antihero Apple). Explains why these leaders continue to dominate when other behemoths stagnate. If you pre-order, I know the author appreciates it (helps w bestseller)
Alex KantrowitzAdam KazwellPrasanna Vaidya
I use all these smart plugs to connect tons of christmas lights in my room to my Alexa, so I can just walk in and say "Lights on" and they all turn on! I <3 xmas lights. this is such a huge life improvement after yrs manually plugging lights on in my room every day.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)VladCalum Webb
Ugh it's basically my life TBH. I think my entire paycheck goes here.
I don't love Fitbit maybe I should unstack this. It's just the only step tracker with a slimmer prettier screen but the app is janky, unreliable, and confusing. Will switch if Apple ever releases thin band step counter instead of just big watch.
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