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CanBurak stacked tiddlywiki
I must say that it is not a beginner friendly. However, when you learn it it clear that nothing can be more customizable than it. Check TiddlyResearch for more beginner friendly version.
CanBurak stacked Obsidian
First of all, It is an offline app. My notes, my storage. Internal links and advanced graph-map are sufficient needs for a note-taking.
CanBurak stacked Dorik
Beautiful ready HTML blocks and price.
CanBurak stacked Ghost
It has one of the best blogging platform which has a powerful editor.
It is the most inspirational book that I have ever read. By the way, It took some times to understand.
CanBurak stacked Dory
It seems a productive app that allows meeting notes available online and allows collaboration.
CanBurak stacked Webflow
WebFlow's design approach is excellent. Some web builders force you to build a website in an unintuitive way. WebFlow is not one of them.
CanBurak stacked Relanote
I'm waiting for the feature that allows HTML export.
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