Vajresh Balaji

Vajresh Balaji


I recently graduated with a Bachelors in Math and Econ. Data Analyst interested in Books, Investing and Travel.

#fintech, #analytics, #data, #podcast, #programming, #code, #reading +2
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Vajresh Balaji stacked Airr
Part of my Roam Research Workflow. Use this to add podcast snippets. App supports export to Markdown
Vajresh Balaji stacked Moment
Use the Wide 18mm lens with my iPhone XR. Extremely good build. I used it extensively on all my trips since I bought it.
Vajresh Balaji stacked Otter
Best live transcription tool I've used! Used to record college lectures and interviews so I don't have to focus on notetaking.
Vajresh Balaji stacked Libib
Use this to catalogue my collection of books. Can create and manage multiple "libraries". Extremely fast ISBN scanner that made it easy to add ~1500 books in one go!
Use their A5 dot grid notebooks as my bullet journal. Love the 160gsm paper as I write with a heavy fountain pen. Does not bleed through!
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Vajresh Balaji stacked RStudio
Just an amazing IDE for R. Fast and functional!
Vajresh Balaji stacked Brave
Privacy First. Faster that Chrome. Amazing Ad Blocker
Vajresh Balaji stacked Rectangle
Say goodbye to arranging windows by hand. Love the ease of use with keyboard shortcuts and split screen into 1/3rd's
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