Robert Occhialini

Robert Occhialini


Currently a free agent. Former Chief Nerd/Founder at ELEAGUE and Digital Products owner at NBA Digital. Maker of kids, apps and web. ATL.

#games, #api, #ecology, #sustainability, #development, #nba, #goodies +5
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We switched to a Vertuo for all our coffee at the start of 2020, and boy are we happy with this machine. Makes great everything.
Over the years, I have used a lot of different apps in the space that Alfred currently occupies including Quicksilver, Launchbar, and Spotlight. I like Alfred the most out of the currently available options.
I live in Lists on Twitter, and Tweetbot is my preferred list viewer.
Been a Kindle owner since the original Kindle. I've read hundreds of books on my Kindles.
Just the best way to keep track of the important stuff securely across all the platforms.
This is the way to find the esports.
Ryan Hoover
I use this to VPN it up. Been using it since it was called Cloak.
The most versatile cross platform podcast client I have been able to find. The web player is the best one of all the clients I have looked at especially. Highly recommend checking it out.
YourStack Mascot